How To Clean & Maintain Your Air Gun?

Getting knowledge about basic air gun cleaning and care must be one of your primary steps prior to purchasing an air gun. Just like any mechanical device, air guns also involve some constant maintenance so they keep functioning optimally for decades. Luckily, air gun maintenance is fairly straightforward, low-cost, and would only take few minutes of your time.
Your air gun is a loyal companion and part of your legacy, so cleaning and maintaining it is an amazing way to know its ins and outs, aiding you to advance your knowledge, and in turn, your ultimate shooting skills. For number of shooters, customization and maintenance are also a fun and gratifying part of the hobby.
Here are the air gun cleaning and maintenance steps, you ought to be prepared to take habitually.

1. Study The Manual

This guide would cover maintenance for huge majority of air guns in the market. But, prior to you even consider maintaining (or shooting) your air gun, you need to read the entirety of the owner’s manual that is given with your air gun.
This step is crucial because A) various air guns have various parts and requirements and B) you can be assured that the guidance is precise.

2. Lubricate As Required

Air gun cleaning is not needed regularly, but lubrication is required. This helps the moving components in your air gun function smoothly. Lubricating your air gun is the most vital step in air gun maintenance. Check the lubrication requisites for your specific brand and model.
Be extremely attentive when lubricating to ensure your lubricants do not pass in the fill high-pressure reservoir. Air gun cleaning and lubrication frequency is based on the brand and model, so again, study the manual. Some air guns need lubrication every 100 shots while others can wait upto 500 shots. It really differs. Don’t guess. Even some additional drops of lubricant could clog the valve assembly.

3. Examine Your Air Gun Regularly

A massive part of maintenance is merely being aware of any differences in performance or functionality. For example, if it appears like the trigger pull feels weaker or shorter, a component might be broken or damaged and would need professional air gun servicing. If you drop your air gun, examine it carefully prior to shooting it. While you’re conducting air gun cleaning and maintenance duties, it never hurts to check and tighten screws, scope mounts, as well as any other parts that can become loosened over a time period.

4. Proper Handling Of Your Air Gun

Air guns can bear ample of wear and tear, however mishandling or dropping them is the most common reason for damage. Preventative air gun maintenance indicates storing your air gun in a superior case while moving it. You would also have a safe place to stock your air gun at home, preferably in a locking cabinet. It’s an ideal practice to only remove your air gun when you’re firing or performing air gun cleaning and maintenance.
Beyond storage and transport, ensure that you understand proper usage of your air gun. That might seem obvious, but you would be astonished by how often air guns are spoiled owing to negligence. For instance, you must on no occasion twist the pump while pumping. You must at no time forcefully bang break barrels when cocking. Air guns are robust and can bear little mishandling, but continuing the same for long-term can lead to complications down the line.

5. Wipe Down Surfaces

Last of all, even the most supreme grade air guns are vulnerable to degradation and corrosion. If your air gun has an artificial stock, use a damp material to wipe it down, especially if your hands have been sweating. Moreover, wipe any exterior metal surfaces with a thin film of oil to avert rust. It’s upon you how often you execute these tasks, but many air gun owners give their equipment a quick wipe every time they put them away.

6. Barrel Cleaning Through Pull Rope

These cleaning pull ropes aid in maintaining the cleanliness of your air gun. They help to eliminate any dirt residue and makes sure no moisture is left for a clean shot. This needs to be done very occasionally only.

7. Always Keep Weapons In Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are made to intensively shield your air gun. One side of the bubble wrap sheet is flat, whereas the other side is a layer of round air-filled bubbles. The bubbles are accountable for forming a cushioning that seizes the air gun from any exterior damage.

8. Keep Silica Gel Pouch To Avoid Moisture

Silica gel pouch is a desiccant or in simple words, it is a drying agent. It is utilized to absorb moisture and condensation from the surrounding environment. It is an extremely easy and cost-effective way for you to keep your air gun fresh and dry while storing.

9. Clean Absorber/Regulator From Gunsmith Only

When it comes to proper cleaning of absorber/regulator, let the gunsmith take the responsibility of doing it. This is because absorber/regulator is a closed system in an airgun and needs right attention while cleaning process.

10. Avoid Electronic Trigger From Water

When the air gun trigger is exposed to water, it can penetrate in intricate workings and mechanisms, thereby severely compromising the action and safety of the air gun. If you do not appropriately clean and dry the gun and its mechanisms, it's an open invite for rust degradation to set in.
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Air gun price in India isn’t cheap at the end of the day and maintaining it will help you to extend its shelf life. These basic air gun maintenance steps will go an extremely long way in extending your air gun’s lifespan and keeping its functioning at its highest capacity.
If you have any questions about air gun cleaning and maintenance, please don’t hesitate to connect with us since we are the leading air gun manufacturer in India. Our experts can provide guidance relating to your specific model. You can also find a considerable amount of information in our FAQ and Videos. Take care of your Precihole Sports gun, and it’ll deliver a lifetime of enjoyment. This is your legacy, so make it count. Stay well-versed, nurture your knowledge, and enjoy the process.