5 Things To Consider While Purchasing A PCP Air Rifle

Well, from the BB guns many people remember from childhood, Air rifles have now come a long way. Today’s air rifles are as precise as the shooter is capable and some are even strong enough to bring precision in the most challenging sports competitions. One of the most prominent enhancements in air gun technology is in PCP, or better known as pre-charged pneumatic design.

As interest in buying pre-charged pneumatic air rifles increases, more manufacturers are entering into the PCP game and are repeatedly launching new models. With such an extensive range to select from, shooters ought to do their study to ensure they are buying an air rifle that will best meet their requisites and budget.

PCP air rifles have a tank assembled into the rifle that clutches the compressed air. Air tanks can be filled with a hand pump or compressor and few models can grasp over 2,700 PSI and conveying a projectile at over 1,600 feet per second.

The pre-charged pneumatic air rifles come in both “regulated” and “unregulated” power design. A regulated air rifle would shoot at a continuous velocity up until the air tank runs too low to fire the rifle. Though, an unregulated rifle’s power is condensed after every shot until the trajectory of the projectile is no more foreseeable. At this stage, the tank needs to be recharged.

A performance similar to regulated air rifle can be obtained by the self-regulating valve developed by Precihole Sports. It compensates pressure with volume to ensure a relatively flat curve of velocity.

Now that you understand the fundamentals, here are 5 things to consider when purchasing a PCP air rifle:

1. Intended Usage

Holding a complete understanding of the air rifle’s intended usage is one of the prime considerations when purchasing an air rifle. Although there are PCP rifle models which can be utilized for standard target shooting and sports leagues/competitions, competitive target shooters would seek to own an air rifle with a rather long and heavy barrel designed for the range. In many of the higher-end PCP target rifles, two-stage or adjustable triggers are quite common.

2. Understanding Shooter’s Experience

Though pre-charged pneumatic air rifles are not that difficult to learn to use, shooters that have little or zero experience with PCP air rifles might want to go for a lower-end model to begin with. This will let you attain some experience with PCP air rifles without investment of your hard-earned money. Once you have acquired some experience, and have a greater insight of what you wish to use the rifle for, you will be in a much-enhanced position to purchase a rifle well-matched to you and your precise interests.

3. Knowing Actual Cost and Your Budget

The actual cost of a PCP air rifle can be from anywhere around few thousand to almost 3 lakhs. Usually, the stronger and accurate the rifle is the pricier shall it be. For those on a restricted budget, there is an extensive variety of superior target PCP rifles in low-cost range too that will meet the purpose of most shooters. You can stay tuned on our website to check for offers during online sales where you can fetch best price and service on PCP air rifles.

4. Learn About The Manufacturer

As with everything, not all PCP air rifles are made equal and selecting an air rifle that will provide you years of hassle-free use is reliant on how well it is manufactured. Generally, manufacturers that build the whole air rifle in-house are the best as these ones have complete control over each phase in the production as well as assembly process. One major example is Precihole Sports that takes care of everything, right from stock fabrication to drilling their own barrels by means of state-of-the-art technology to create all of their own PCP rifle components, helping them to make sure that quality is not compromised at every stage in the assembly process.

Another key trademark of a trustworthy manufacturer is offering a good warranty. Most air rifle manufacturers do give a warranty, but it is important to read the fine print. At the least, PCP air rifles need to have as a minimum of a one-year warranty against faults in material and workmanship.

5. Check The Vendor

Nearly as important as the manufacturer is the vendor you buy the air rifle from. Although, most manufacturers will deal directly with the purchaser if there is a concern of warranty, it is advisable to ensure the vendor has a good reputation for customer service. This can at times help in the case you require service or must file a warranty claim. Be cautious of any business that emphasizes just on the hard sell as soon as you approach them.


Shooting with a PCP air rifle can lead you to enter a new arena of fun and let you to refine your marksmanship in moral way. If you have not yet shot an air rifle since your early days, now is the time to owe it to yourself to give a PCP air rifle a try. Many vendor stores will allow you check one out practically prior to purchasing. However, be prepared, odds are you are going to fall in love with it right after the first shot.